Question: Are Achilles Good Tires?

Are Achilles tires good tires?

Great deal for tires to me.

Driven in rain and dry and the grip is as good as the most expensive “American” brands (most tires made in China/southeast asia/mexico and the tire companies don’t disclose this).

Don’t believe all the hype you hear about cheap tires folks..

Are Achilles tires safe?

2. Achilles ATR Sport 2. Certainly one of our most popular tires, the Achilles ATR Sport 2 offers superb water dispersion and safety during rainy weather. It is an all-season performance tire, with excellent traction and handling on wet and dry roads, making it a top choice for everyday drivers.

What brand of tires should I stay away from?

Brands of Tires to Avoid at All Costs Westlake Tires. AKS Tires. Telluride tires. Compass Tires.

Which Tires brand is the best?

What Are the Best Tire Brands 2020?Cooper Tires. I like Cooper Tires, they’re giving the top brands a tough time staying on top because their tires cost significantly less per tire than other established brands with sacrificing performance options and tread-life warranties. … Hankook. … Michelin. … PIRELLI. … CONTINENTAL. … DUNLOP. … Tire Types. … All-Season Car Tires.More items…

What does ATR stand for on tires?

All Terrain For All ConditionsScorpion ATR – All Terrain For All Conditions.

What are the top 10 best tires?

10 Best Tire Companies In The WorldCOOPER. … GOODYEAR. … CONTINENTAL. … DUNLOP. … BFGOODRICH. … BRIDGESTONE. … YOKOHAMA. Yokohama is a famous Japanese tire brand founded in 1917. … HANKOOK. Hankook is a Korean best tire company established in 1941 as Chosun Tire Company.More items…

Who makes the Achilles Tire?

PT Multistrada Arah SaranaPT Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA) is an Indonesian tire manufacturer. They sell tires under the brands Achilles and Corsa. MASA is considered to be one of the largest tire manufacturers in Indonesia, operating factories of 55 hectares (140 acres) and 128 hectares (320 acres), located in East Cikarang, Indonesia.

Are Achilles tires good in snow?

These snow tires are good value for the money. Very pleased with these tires. Very quiet and great handling tough winter conditions all around. No treadwear rating yet, still have to inspect tires when weather clears.

What are the top 5 tire brands?

Top Tire Brands- For All-Season( Buying Guide )Michelin:2) Yokohama:3) Bridgestone:4) Continental:5) Goodyear:6) Pirelli:7) Hankook:8) Dunlop:

Which tire is better Falken or Yokohama?

Falken are a lesser quality tyre with lesser grip and mileage. … But Yokohama in the 215/65/15 gave great mileage of about 40,000km and good grip in the wet on our fleet vehicles. Falken are a lesser quality tyre with lesser grip and mileage.

Which brand of tires last the longest?

Pirelli P4 Four Seasons PlusThe longest lasting tires in Consumer Reports’ tests are the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus. They claim 90,000 miles, and Consumer Reports estimates they’ll go 100,000. Consumer Reports says don’t expect to get all your money back if your tires wear out before the mileage warranty.

What are the worst tire brands?

6 Worst Tire Brands to purchaseChaoyang.Goodride.Westlake.AKS Tires.Telluride.Compass Tires.