Question: Can I Study Medicine Without Chemistry?

Can you do a medicine degree without chemistry?

Nearly every medical school in the UK will require applicants to have studied Chemistry to A2 level.

Even if you don’t take Chemistry at all, all is not lost.

Some universities ask for either Chemistry or Biology, plus another science (generally Physics or Maths)..

Do I need chemistry to study medicine?

Chemistry is a must if you want to study medicine. Surprisingly, a biology A Level (or equivalent) is not required but maths and/or physics often are. Very good grades are certainly needed and relevant work experience will greatly increase your chances of gaining a place on a medicine degree course.

Can you go to medical school without A levels?

If you lack the A Levels you need in order to get into medical school then one option is to simply gain those qualifications. … If you need at least three A Levels then you’re looking at up to three years before you can apply. While it is possible to study multiple courses at once it’s not something we’d recommend.

Is it possible to go to med school without a science degree?

Here’s some information that might surprise you: You don’t have to be a science major to apply to medical school. In fact, most medical schools don’t actually have a preference on what you studied.

Is medical school more biology or chemistry?

You learn all the biology in medical school. There is no advantage to being a biology or chemistry major. Medical school moves so quickly that by the third week, bio majors, policy majors, latin american studies majors, and even PhDs in biology are on the same level. … Medicine is a humanizing profession.

Is chemistry a level hard?

A-Level Chemistry is quite a hard A-Level in the grand scheme of things, too. If you don’t work hard enough both in lesson and out, you can trail behind very early on! … Colleges can see this by your GCSE results – if you’ve done well, they know you’re motivated and can take A-Level Chemistry.