Question: How Do You Store NaOH?

Does sodium hydroxide have a shelf life?

In general, solutions should not be kept for more than one year.

Sodium hydroxide solutions have a limited shelf life, because sodium hydroxide reacts with atmospheric carbon dioxide to form carbonates..

Why is sodium hydroxide not stored in glass bottles?

NaOH bottle is not kept open in labs nor is NaOH stored in bottles with glass stoppers. NaOH is hygroscopic. … Also when stored in a glass or plastic bottle, there is some air between the lid of the bottle and the solution inside which will also lead to the above reaction to take place.

What to do if you get NaOH on your skin?

Quickly and gently blot or brush away excess chemical. Immediately flush with lukewarm, gently flowing water for at least 60 minutes. DO NOT INTERRUPT FLUSHING. If it can be done safely, continue flushing during transport to hospital.

What is the shelf life of lye?

one yearThe shelf life of lye, sodium hydroxide, when properly stored is one year. After a year it is possible for your lye to work, but you should do a small batch to test whether the lye is still good. If it is actually expired, then it may not come to trace quickly or could separate after it is poured or set up.

Does sodium hydroxide lose potency?

Sodium hydroxide lye is used to make solid soap, and potassium hydroxide lye is used to make liquid soap. … The lye also needs to be kept in a cool place. It may lose its potency if stored in warmer temperatures.