Question: What Characteristics Can Be Assigned To Monsoon Climate?

What are the two types of monsoon?

Monsoons are most often associated with the Indian Ocean.

Monsoons always blow from cold to warm regions.

The summer monsoon and the winter monsoon determine the climate for most of India and Southeast Asia.

The summer monsoon is associated with heavy rainfall..

What is the role of monsoon in our life?

The Monsoon rains in India also replenish reservoirs and groundwater that helps in improving irrigation and also boosts hydropower production. Moreover, a good Monsoon season can reduce demand for subsidized diesel used for pumping water from wells, ground, ponds or rivers for irrigation.

What is the meaning of advancing monsoon?

Advancing Monsoon : South West Monsoon winds blow over the warm oceans and thus bear moisture bringing abundant rainfall in India. The monsoon covers the entire country in about a month’s time. … Sometimes at the time of arrival, the rainfall increases suddenly which is commonly known as the burst of the Monsoons.

What are the mechanism of monsoon?

Mechanism of Monsoon involves the following concept: The phenomena of monsoon refer to the seasonal reversal of winds. It is because while the South West Monsoon winds blow from sea to land at the end of the summer season, the North east winds blow from land to sea during the winter season.

What is the main features of rainfall in our country?

Unequal Distribution: The rainfall is unevenly distributed over the country. About 10% of the country gets more than 200 cm of rain while 25% of the country gets less than 75 cm of rain and rest of the country gets 100 to 200 cm of rainfall. 4. Heavy Rainfall: Indian rainfall is heavy and downpouring type.

What causes a monsoon climate?

A monsoon climate is characterised by a dramatic seasonal change in direction of the prevailing winds of a region which brings a marked change in rainfall. … Monsoons lead to distinct wet and dry seasons in many areas throughout the tropics and are most often associated with the Indian Ocean.

What is the main characteristic of a winter monsoon?

Winter monsoons have a dominant easterly component and a strong tendency to diverge, subside, and cause drought. Both are the result of differences in annual temperature trends over land and sea.

What is the duration of advancing monsoon?

In the case of Advancing Monsoon, winds enter India from the South (in the month of June), and move Northwards and cover the entire country in a month.

What are western cyclonic disturbances How do they affect the climate of India?

The Western disturbances are weather phenomena brought in by westerly flow from the Mediterranean region. … (i) By causing cyclonic rainfall in the month of winter, which is otherwise dry, Western disturbance influences the weather of the North and North-Western India.

What are the mechanism of Indian monsoon?

Indian Monsoons are Convection cells on a very large scale. They are periodic or secondary winds which seasonal reversal in wind direction. India receives south-west monsoon winds in summer and north-east monsoon winds in winter.

What are the characteristics of advancing monsoon season?

The advancing monsoon prevails during the months of June, July, August and September. (i) It brings a total change in weather conditions. (ii) Early in the season of advancing monsoon, the windward side of Western Ghats receives very heavy rainfall. The maximum rainfall of this season occurs in North-Eastern India.

What are the main characteristics of Indian monsoon?

India has monsoon type of climate. (ii) Monsoon occurs in alteration of dry and wet spells. The intervening dry spells of monsoon is called ‘Breaks’ in monsoon. (iii) There is variation in intensity, frequency and duration of monsoon.

What are three characteristics of monsoons?

Mention any three characteristics of monsoonThey are not steady winds but are pulsating in nature . They vary from year to year.They have tendency to have breas in rainfall .It has wet and dry spells. … The monsoons are known for their uncertainties. …The monsoons are unevenly distributed.

How do monsoons affect people’s lives?

While too little rainfall during the summer monsoon can cause dire conditions for farmers on land, too much rainfall and overly strong winds can make coastal waters unsafe, preventing fishermen throughout South Asia from heading to sea to catch the fish they depend on for income.

What are the characteristics of a monsoon climate?

A. Daily range of temperature very high.B. Complete reversal of wind direction with the change of season.C. Annual range of temperature very high.D. Heavy rainfall mainly during winter.