Question: What Is A Major Benefit STP Provides That UTP Does Not?

What are two characteristics of fiber optic cable?

What are two characteristics of fiber-optic cable.

(Choose two.)It is not affected by EMI or RFI.Each pair of cables is wrapped in metallic foil.It combines the technique of cancellation, shielding, and twisting to protect data.It typically contains 4 pairs of fiber-optic wires.It is more expensive than UTP cabling is.


What does STP stand for?

Scientifically Treated PetroleumWhat does “STP®” stand for? Answer: “STP®” stands for Scientifically Treated Petroleum. Back in 1954, our only product was STP® Oil Treatment.

Is UTP a cat6?

CAT6A F/UTP means the cable consists of 4 unshielded twisted pairs, however, it contains an outer foil shield. This is a shielded cable. There is also CAT6A S/FTP (screened/foiled twisted pair) cable, normally a CAT7 cable that has four individually shielded pairs and an outer screen braid around all four pairs.

Which OSI model layer is responsible for guaranteeing reliable message delivery?

TransportThe OSI and TCP/IP Model 1.5QuestionAnswerWhich OSI model layer is responsible for guaranteeing reliable message delivery?Transport13 more rows

What is the purpose for the twists in twisted pair Ethernet cabling?

The primary purpose of the twists is to reduce internal electrical-interference. In effect, Ethernet cable comes with its own built-in “shielding”.

Which of the following are options for connecting a computing device?

You can connect a computing device, such as notebook computer or a tablet, to a cellular network by using any of these four options: – Use a USB cable to connect the device to the network through the smartphone. – Use the device’s Wi-Fi to connect to the network through a cellular Wi-Fi hot spot.

Does STP cable need to be grounded?

For high-frequency signals, an STP cabling system must be grounded, at minimum, at both ends of the cable run, and it must be continuous. A shield grounded at only one end is not effective against magnetic-field interference. The length of the ground conductor itself can also cause problems.

What is a UTP cable used for?

UTP Cable is a shorter way of saying unshielded twisted pair. This is one of the least expensive wires and works for basic needs of phone systems so it is one of the most commonly installed in residential industries. The twisted cable pairs work to cancel out EMI (electromagnetic interference) from external sources.

What is better UTP or FTP?

FTP are shielded cables used in areas where interference is likely, such as elevator shafts and factory floors. UTP cable is used in office areas and most homes. … FTP requires more grounding that UTP, and you have to match impedance when mixing UTP and FTP cables.

Which of the following cabling types would be used to connect the cable modem to the cable wall outlet?

RG6 cableAn RG6 cable is used to connect a cable modem to a wall outlet. A technician is running a network above a dropped ceiling that is also used for ventilation. The cable must be twisted pair and must be capable of Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

What are three characteristics of UTP cabling?

Physical Characteristics UTP cables use eight wires grouped in four pairs, each composed of a solid-colored wire and a stripped wire. Each wire is twisted a certain number of times to minimize interferences with the other pairs. A higher number of twists per inch results in a higher data transmission.

Which recommendation should you follow while using 110 blocks?

Which recommendation should you follow while using 110 blocks for connecting Cat 5 and higher data cables? Keep wire pairs twisted up to within one-half of an inch of the connector. Your are building network cables and attaching RJ45 connectors to each end.

What device is used to create a physical star topology?

SwitchNetwork Topology 1.2QuestionAnswerWhat device is used to create a physical star topology?SwitchYou have a network that uses a logical bus topology. How do messages travel through the network?Messages are broadcast to all devices connected to the network.Which topology connects each network device to a central hub?Star8 more rows

Which wire should be connected to pin 1?

You need to use the T568A standard to connect the individual wires to the connector. Which wire should be connected to pin 1? Green with white.

Which cable offers the best protection against EMI?

FiberFiber cable is immune to EMI and RFI.Data sent on a fiber cable can travel significantly farther than data sent on twisted-pair or coaxial cable.If you need to run twisted-pair cable close to fluorescent lights, you should use UTP cable.CAT 5e cable supports a maximum transfer rate of 10 Gbps.More items…•

What is UTP vs STP?

The basic difference between UTP and STP is UTP (Unshielded twisted pair) is a cable with wires that are twisted together to reduce noise and crosstalk. On the contrary, STP (Shielded twisted pair) is a twisted pair cable confined in foil or mesh shield that guards the cable against electromagnetic interference.

What are the characteristic of UTP STP and coaxial cable?

The maximum length is 100 meters, without using any kind of signal regeneration device, and a maximum data transfer rate of 1000 Mbps for Gigabit Ethernet. Shielded Twisted Pair (STP), like UTP, also has four pairs of wires with each wire in each pair twisted together.

What is difference between UTP and FTP cable?

F/UTP (FTP) This cable is very much like common UTP cable, with the addition of foil underneath the main cable jacket. Another common name for this cable is “FTP.” F/UTP cables are common in 10GBaseT applications. … Use F/UTP in high-frequency applications that require some cable flexibility.

Is STP better than UTP?

UTP cables are also cheaper than STP cables, and do not require as much maintenance, since they do not rely on an outer shield, and can transmit data as fast as STP cables. However, they are more prone to noise than properly installed and maintained STP cables.

What is the advantage of STP over UTP?

Advantages of STP Cables It blocks interference generated from devices such as power tools and vacuum cleaners. Although UTP cables are still able to reduce interference, their performance is not as good as STP cables. Second, STP cables can reduce crosstalk with proper installation and maintenance.

What is the advantage of STP?

Following are the benefits or advantages of STP: ➨Shielding reduces chance of crosstalk and provide protection from interference. ➨It offers better electrical characteristics than unshielded cables. ➨It can be easily terminated with modular connector.