Question: Why Work Is Not A Thermodynamic Property?

Which of the following is not a thermodynamic property?

A thermodynamic property is that, which is measurable and whose value describes the state of system.

Out of the given quantities, heat doesn’t describe the state of a system so it is not a thermodynamic property because a system doesn’t contain heat but only can transfer heat..

Is force a thermodynamic property?

In thermodynamics, the internal energy of a system is expressed in terms of pairs of conjugate variables such as temperature and entropy or pressure and volume. … The thermodynamic force is always an intensive variable and the displacement is always an extensive variable, yielding an extensive energy transfer.

Why work is not a property?

Work is not a property of a system. Work is a process done by or on a system, but a system contains no work. This distinction between the forms of energy that are properties of a system and the forms of energy that are transferred to and from a system is important to the understanding of energy transfer systems.

Why work done is not a state function?

State functions depend only on the state of the system, not on the path used to get to that state. … Heat and work are not state functions. Work can’t be a state function because it is proportional to the distance an object is moved, which depends on the path used to go from the initial to the final state.

At what conditions heat can be a state function?

Hence, at constant volume and at constant pressure, heat change is a state function because it is equal to ΔU and ΔH respectively which are state functions.

What are the properties of a thermodynamic system?

The thermodynamic state of a system is defined by specifying values of a set of measurable properties sufficient to determine all other properties. For fluid systems, typical properties are pressure, volume and temperature. More complex systems may require the specification of more unusual properties.

Why is HA state function and Q not?

A state function is independent of pathways taken to get to a specific value, such as energy, temperature, enthalpy, and entropy. Enthalpy is the amount of heat released or absorbed at a constant pressure. Heat is not a state function because it is only to transfer energy in or out of a system; it depends on pathways.

How do you classify the property?

Properties are classified as either intensive or extensive. Properties are intensive if independent of the amount of mass present and extensive if a function of the amount of mass present. Properties such as pressure, temperature, and density are intensive, whereas volume and mass are extensive.

Is viscosity a thermodynamic property?

Originally Answered: What are the thermodynamic properties? … Intensive is a property which is independent of the amount of material in the system like thermal conductivity , temperature, boiling point, freezing point, surface tension, density , viscosity.