Quick Answer: How Do I Read A FTIR Report?

Why is FTIR important?

FTIR is widely used in many industries and is used for the analysis of both organic and inorganic compounds.

It can confirm the composition of both solids, liquids, and gases.

FTIR is mainly used for: The identification of unknown compounds..

How do you read FTIR results?

How to Read FTIR Results GraphsThe X-Axis: The Infrared Spectrum. The x-axis—or horizontal axis—represents the infrared spectrum, which plots the intensity of infrared spectra. … The Y-Axis: Absorbance or Frequency. … The Absorbance Bands.

What is the basic principle of FTIR?

In FTIR spectroscopy, an interference wave is synthesized from two beams separated by a beam splitter, the detected interference waveform (interferogram) is Fourier-transformed, and a spectrum is obtained by separating each wavenumber.

What information can FTIR provide?

FTIR is a rapid, nondestructive, time saving method that can detect a range of functional groups and is sensitive to changes in molecular structure. FTIR provide information on the basis of chemical composition and physical state of the whole sample (Cocchi et al.

How do you explain FTIR?

Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) is a technique used to obtain an infrared spectrum of absorption or emission of a solid, liquid or gas. An FTIR spectrometer simultaneously collects high-spectral-resolution data over a wide spectral range.

How do you explain IR spectra?

Infrared Spectroscopy is the analysis of infrared light interacting with a molecule. This can be analyzed in three ways by measuring absorption, emission and reflection. The main use of this technique is in organic and inorganic chemistry. It is used by chemists to determine functional groups in molecules.

What is FTIR instrument?

A Fourier Transform InfraRed (FT-IR) Spectrometer is an instrument which acquires broadband Near InfraRed (NIR) to Far InfraRed (FIR) spectra. Unlike a dispersive instrument, i.e. a grating monochromator or spectrograph, FTIR spectrometers collect all wavelengths simultaneously.

What is FTIR and how does it work?

FTIR Technology FTIR is a technology that can identify chemicals using an infrared light source to measure absorption. First, the sample is exposed to different wavelengths of infrared light and the instrument measures which wavelengths are absorbed.

What are the advantages of FTIR?

2. Using FTIR as rapid tool to analyze organic composts. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) is currently one of the most important analytical techniques available to analyze various substrates. One of the greatest advantages of this technique is that virtually any sample in any state may be analyzed.