Quick Answer: What Is Tyo?

What is the abbreviation for Tokyo?

TYOTYO – Tokyo, Japan..

What is the abbreviation of New York?

NYAbbreviation for New YorkNYNew York Postal, State, United States347New York Locations, Phone Area Code, Telephone Area Code585New York Locations, Area Code, North America607New York Locations, Phone Area Code, Telephone Area Code631New York Locations, Phone Area Code, Telephone Area Code11 more rows

What is the abbreviation for Seoul?

Abbreviation for SeoulSeoSeoul MedicalSEOSeoul Virology, MedicalSUSeoul Locations, City

What is S and M in Japan?

If you’re thinking that it has to do with S&M, then you are mostly correct. “S” is short for “sadistic” and “M” for “masochistic”. … In Japan, the sexual connotation exists, but “S” and “M” get thrown around in the same manner Americans refer to people as Type A or Type B personality.

What is NMG rake?

The coaches with age group of 20 – 21 years or later being converted to air brake coaches during POH for the purpose to carry Automobile (Express) Auto Carrier are known as NMG coaches and the rakes formed with these coaches are called NMG rakes.

What does MMG mean in text?

What does MMG stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningMMGMaybach Music Group (band)MMGMadden Mobile GodsMMGMan Made God (band)

What do you call abbreviations in texting?

SMS language, textspeak, or texting language is the abbreviated language and slang commonly used with mobile phone text messaging, or other Internet-based communication such as email and instant messaging. Features of early mobile phone messaging encouraged users to use abbreviations.

What does NMG stand for?

NMGAcronymDefinitionNMGNew Mummer Group (New York)NMGNuera Media GatewayNMGNYCEP Morphometrics GroupNMGNavy Metrication Group12 more rows

What does MMG mean urban dictionary?

mmg is an abbreviation for mama guevo or mama bicho. Source: urbandictionary.com.