Quick Answer: What Should I Do With My Life After High School?

Is it smart to take a gap year?

Studies of gap year students have shown that people who take a gap year actually get higher grades in college compared to their peers who don’t take a gap year.

Many students, especially at those at risk of academic burn-out, benefit from taking a year off studying so they can return with more energy and motivation..

Is life after high school better?

Life can only get better if you want it to, in high school or not. Life generally gets better as you mature. If you (try to) think like a 30 year old, I assure you that you can have a good time in high school, although perhaps in a different way from the way you expect.

How can I be successful without college?

Here are twelve great ways for how to be successful without college.It’s never too early to start. … Consider careers that don’t need degrees. … Learn how to sell and negotiate. … Expand your network. … Find a mentor. … Read. … Work hard. … Leverage the power of the internet.More items…

What are the highest paying jobs for high school graduates?

10 High Paying Career Fields for High School GraduatesSales Representatives (Wholesale & Manufacturing, Technical & Scientific Products) … Elevator Installers and Repairers. … Power Distributors and Dispatchers. … Real Estate Brokers. … Detectives and Criminal Investigators. … Locomotive Engineers. … Railroad Conductors and Yardmasters.More items…

How do you find your life after high school?

Life After High School: Top 10 Alternatives to CollegeGet a Job. The responsibility of holding down a full-time job is a good way for your high school grad to transition into adulthood, not to mention it’s a financial necessity. … Start a Business. … Travel Abroad. … Serve in the Military. … Learn a Trade. … Be an Intern or Apprentice. … Volunteer. … Take Adult Education Classes.More items…

Can you live without college?

Yes, it’s possible to succeed without a college degree. But with so many programs designed to take you from having no experience in a field to being highly-skilled and job-market ready, having a college degree offers a clear advantage. Most of us aren’t Steve Jobs.

How can I dropout of high school and still be successful?

Ensure that you can legally drop out.Write down your goals for the future.Explore all available options.Instead of dropping out, consider “rising out”Earn a GED or other high school equivalency credential.Get college-level training without a high school diploma or GED.Practice effective job searching.

What jobs can you do after high school?

Popular Jobs for Graduates with a High School DiplomaCustomer service representative.Retail sales associate.Certified nursing assistant.Office manager.Administrative assistant.Cashier.Truck driver.Bank teller.More items…•

Is life hard after high school?

Life gets more complicated because there are bills, kids, work, work people, commute to work, health issues, pains and aches, consequences to bad decisions are a bit harder on adults but don’t worry. It is something you can survive and thrive in. We all go through tough experiences at different ages.

Is high school the hardest part of life?

High school is actually the easiest part of one’s life. … It was not difficult as high school subjects are not that bulky compared to university’s modules. So, no! It is not the hardest part of one’s life.

Why is graduating high school sad?

It’s normal to feel sad because high school has been a big part of your life so far. But know this: graduating is your ticket to the next step in your life, where you will make more memories and friends. And like anything, with time you will feel better about it 🙂 All the best for everything in your future!

Are students who take gap years more successful?

Students who take gap years are more successful in their university studies than mature aged students or students who enter university straight from high school, according to a new study.

Is it OK to take a year off after high school?

You can try something totally new. College can be an amazing experience, but in some ways it’s similar to high school. Taking a gap year after high school can be your chance to experience something totally different, which will help you appreciate the classroom structure more and also get a refreshed perspective.

Why Free college is a bad idea?

Persistence among college students will decrease. Private colleges will suffer enrollment declines and financial hardships. Free college does not address occupational shortages. Free college will not help solve “crippling student loan debt”

How can I become rich without education?

8 Great Ways to Make Money Without a Degree.Start a service business.Invest in real estate.Offer consulting services.Create a product.Become a subject matter expert.Rent your stuff.Get adventurous.More items…•

Is it harder to get into college if you take a gap year?

If you wait to apply to college until after your gap year, Mauler notes, you may not start college for another two years, which might make transitioning a bit harder. It may also make collecting transcriptions, test scores and letters of recommendation more difficult.