What Are The Sizes Of Steel Bars?

What size is number 9 rebar?

1.128Specifications For #9 Rebar: Weight per unit length (pounds per foot): 3.4.

Nominal diameter (inches): 1.128..

Which steel is used in RCC?

TMT Steel Bars/Reinforced Bars are highly ductile and for its tensile strength it can hold the building during an earthquake. For different concrete grades different quantity of the materials are required. TMT Bar adds strength to the RCC.

What is y bar steel?

Rebar (short for reinforcing bar), collectively known as reinforcing steel and reinforcement steel, is a steel bar used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and hold the concrete in compression.

What size is a number 4 rebar?

0.5 inchesPhysical characteristics of #4 Rebar: Nominal diameter: 0.5 inches (12.7 millimeters) Nominal area: 0.2 square inches (129 square millimeters)

What is the length of 10mm steel bar?

Fe 500 TMT Bar, Size: 10 mm, Length: 12 mGradeFe 500Unit Length12 mSize10mmStandardIS1786

What size is number 5 rebar?

0.625 inchesPhysical Characteristics of #5 Rebar: Nominal diameter: 0.625 inches (15.875 millimeters) Nominal area: 0.31 square inches (200 square millimeters)

What is weight of 12mm steel rod?

Comparison List of Deformed Steel Bar Size and Weight:SIZE (Diameter)THEORETICAL WEIGHT KG/M10mm0.6212mm0.8914mm1.2116mm1.589 more rows

What is the full form of HYSD?

“HYSD” stands for High Yielding Strength Deformed Bars. There are different types of HYSD Steel Bars.

How do you calculate the weight of 12mm steel?

Hence, the weight of :10mm dia bar = (10x10x1)/162.28 = 0.616kg.12mm dia bar = (12x12x1)/162.28 = 0.8874kg.

What is the length of one steel bar?

40 feetLength of the TMT Bars are 40 feet. In most cases civil engineers, contracts recommend to buy TMT Bars in pieces, bundles or in tons. The sizes also varies according to the structure of the building.

What are the sizes of reinforcement?

Size and Quantity of Reinforcement for Building WorksSl. NoRCC MemberSize of reinforcement required1Column footings10mm or 12mm2Grade beams12mm, 16mm – 85% Stirrups – 6mm or 8mm– 15%3Plinth beams8mm diameter – 85%, Stirrups 6mm – 15%4Columns16mm, 20mm and 25mm – 90% Ties – 6mm or 8mm – 10%9 more rows

What are the different sizes of rebar?

Rebar Sizes We Stock:Imperial Bar Size”Soft” Metric SizeNominal Diameter (in)#3#100.375#4#130.500#5#160.625#6#190.7507 more rows

What size is 1/2 inch rebar?

Rebar WeightRod NumberRod Size (in)Rod Weight (lb per linear foot)30.375 = 3/8″0.3840.500 = 1/2″0.6750.625 = 5/8″1.0460.750 = 3/4″1.508 more rows

How many pieces of 12mm rod makes a ton?

93 pieces93 pieces of 12mm reinforcement bar will give 1 ton. 52 pieces of 16mm reinforcement bar will give 1 ton.

What is the formula of steel weight?

L = 100 m. W = 16² x 100/162 = 158 kg. If we put 1 meter length for each diameter of steel bar in the formula then we will get the unit weight. If we multiply the length of bars with this unit weight we will get the total weight of steel bars.

What is the length of 16mm iron rod?

Product SpecificationGradeFe 500Unit Length12 mSize16mmStandardIS1786

What diameter is rebar?

Rebar is sized nominally by “eighths of an inch” of the bar’s diameter. A #3 bar is 3/8” in diameter. A #6 bar is ¾” in diameter. 3/4 is the same as 6/8.

What is the length of 12mm steel bar?

If dia of steel = 12mm, length of rods = 1 feet, then weight of 12 mm steel rod per feet = (12×12×1)/533 = 0.27 kgs/ft, so 12mm Steel rod per feet is 0.27 kgs, for length = 40 feet, so weight of 40 feet or 1piece steel rod = (12×12×40)/533 = 10.806 kgs, 1 bundle = 5 nos, so weight of 1 bundle of 12mm steel rod = (12×12 …

What is nominal diameter of steel bars?

Rebar Sizes of Different StandardsMetric Bar SizeMass per unit length (kg/m)Nominal Diameter (mm)30M5.49529.935M7.85035.745M11.77543.755M19.62556.44 more rows

How many types of steel bars are there?

two typesType of Steel Bars. Generally there are two types of steel bars (“Sariya” in hindi) available in the market.

What diameter is #3 rebar?

0.375 inchesPhysical Characteristics of #3 Rebar: Nominal diameter: 0.375 inches (9.525 millimeters) Nominal area: 0.11 square inches (71 square millimeters)