What Does Typo Mean?

What does typo mean in a text message?

Typing mistake”Typing mistake” is the most common definition for TYPO on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Definition: Typing mistake..

What does typos mean in English?

English Language Learners Definition of typo informal : a mistake (such as a misspelled word) in typed or printed text.

How do you use typo in a sentence?

Speaking of problems, there is a typo on page 211 of my book. However, any typo error or mistake will be the author ‘s sole responsibility. So, now a typo sidebar looks pretty much like any other Rails plugin. It may be a typo of r_allowSoftwareGL, which is.

What is typo short for?

A typographical error (often shortened to typo), also called misprint, is a mistake (such as a spelling mistake) made in the typing of printed (or electronic) material. Historically, this referred to mistakes in manual type-setting (typography).

What is an example of a typo?

The definition of a typo is a typographical error made while typing on a computer or typewriter or when setting type for a printing press. If you write “from” when you really mean” form,” this is an example of a typo. A misspelled word when typing. See typo domain.

Where did the word typo come from?

A “typo” (also know as a “misprint”) is short for “typographical error”, and dates back to when a compositor used to have to assemble any text to be printed by building a mosaic of letters. It was fiddly work – often done under time-pressure – so mistakes were made!

How do you spell typo plural?

The plural of typo is typos. It is not typo’s. Repeat: TYPOS. This is a fairly straightforward example of adding an -s to the end of a singular noun to make it into a plural noun.

How do you apologize for a typo?

Be clear – Subject and pre-header should be clear about the purpose. Apologize – Own up to the mistake and say you’re sorry for any misunderstanding. Send an offer – If you can’t give what was promised in the email, offer a back-up. Brand – Stay on brand in the apology, but humor is always good.

What is the difference between a typo and a spelling mistake?

A typo is just hitting the wrong key. Misspelling a word is usually more complicated. … Some people lump typos and misspellings together either because they are so often presented that way or because they have never had a reason to clearly differentiate them.

What is a typographical error mean?

noun. an error in printed or typewritten matter resulting from striking the improper key of a keyboard, from mechanical failure, or the like.

How do you spell O?

typograph′ical er′ror. n. an error in printed or typewritten matter resulting from a mistake in typing or from mechanical failure.

How do you spell tight?

adjective, tight·er, tight·est. firmly or closely fixed in place; not easily moved; secure: a tight knot. drawn or stretched so as to be tense; taut. affording little or no extra room; fitting closely, especially too closely: a tight collar.

What is a spelling mistake?

Words that are not found in our dictionary are flagged as spelling mistakes. If you believe the word is correct, choose ‘Add to Dictionary’ and it will be added to your own personal dictionary. … Words in your dictionary will not be shown as spelling mistakes in the future.

Is Typo a real word?

A typo is a mistake in written or published writing. If you find a misspelled word or misplaced punctuation mark in this blurb, you’ve caught a typo. Typo is short for typographical error, and you can also call it a misprint.

What is another word for typo?

typographical errorclerical error.erratum.misprint.mistake in typing.printer’s error.typing mistake.typist’s error.typo.

Is using the wrong word a typo?

A typo (short for typographic error) is a minor error of the presentation of text on the page. Omitting a space is a typo, choosing the wrong word is not a typo.

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